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Elevate your performance with our precision-engineered soccer shin guards, offering top-tier protection without sacrificing comfort. Trusted by pros and designed for durability, Cobra shinguards keep you safe and agile on the field. Choose style with substance - Cobra Shinguards' sleek designs make a statement while shielding your shins. Don't break the bank; our affordable excellence ensures you get quality without compromise. Play with confidence, choose Cobra Shinguards.


    Cobra Shin Guards mold to your shins, providing you with the lightest, most comfortable shin guard!


    Our custom molding technique is done at home and ensures a tight fit around your leg.


    Keep your shin guards in place while allowing proper blood circulation for your legs.


    Made of closed-cell foam for odor control while providing cushioned comfort.

Last for Years

Re-moldable soccer shin guards that will grow with you as the shape of your leg changes. The days of bulky, uncomfortable shin guards that never stay in place are gone!

30-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cobra Shinguards are designed for all soccer players. Once you try them, you will love them. We guarantee it!

Cobra Shinguards are a high-tech, re-moldable, personalized soccer shin guards that are durable and offers strong kick protection. The choice of the future for lower leg protection is Cobra Shinguards! A custom fit to the exact shape of your shin means you get the best protection that doesn't move. We use closed-cell foam for odor control and cushioned comfort. Made of high-impact, lightweight material.


Hey, I'm Ty, the man behind Cobra Shinguards. Obviously, soccer is my jam. But you know what drove me nuts? Shin guards. The stretchy ones choked my legs, and the sliding ones never stayed put. No soccer player looks forward to strapping those on.

So, guess what? I said enough is enough! For the past few years, I've been grinding to bring this game-changing product to the world. And we're finally ready to get these soccer shin guards onto the shins of every soccer player out there. It's showtime, folks! 🐍⚽🚀

  • "Best shin guards out there! These shin guards have lasted for many years and are a great buy for the protection and customization (molding) of the guard. Also above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Travis Jacobson exemplified excellent customer service in addressing warranty issues because they stand behind their product."

    -Jason, Soccer Player 
  • "I bought a pair of Cobra Strikers and another brand for my son in July 2015… within a couple weeks it was clear that the Cobra Strikers were “SUPERIOR” in FIT, PROTECTION, and PRICE! He donated the other brand to a local soccer charity. I just ordered a pair for my younger son."

    Patrick, Soccer Dad 
  • "I originally ordered the wrong size shin guard and sleeve. After contacting Cobra for an exchange, I was very promptly (within a week) sent a different size guard and sleeve through the mail. I was also given a return postage to send back my original guards, which was all paid for by Cobra. My brother decided he wanted my original pair so I contacted Cobra to notify and was again given a quick response. I would do business with them once again simply because they went above and beyond in terms of customer service. The guards were very easy to mold after boiling for 1-2 minutes."

    Izzy, Soccer Mom 
  • "Great guards, very low profile and offer great protection. A bit heavier than the ultra-light composite ones available now, but these still take the edge with the fact that they offer a custom molded fit and better shock absorption. Excellent product."

    Max Benas, Soccer Player 
  • "These guards are amazing. I can’t get over how comfortable they are. I don’t even realize I’m wearing them. I’ve worn guards from all the big brands out there and I’ve never had a better guard. The molding was easy, it only took me a few minutes and they’ve felt great since."

    Mike, Soccer Player 
  • "They are fantastic!! They are super light and a easy process to follow!! If mine some how break I’m sure coming back to to order some more."

    Josh, Soccer Player 
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Frequently Asked Questions

”What is your most popular size of soccer shin guards?”

“Medium” is the most popular size for ages 12 through adult, include high school, college, and even pro players. The guards come in three different sizes.

”Does the guard size determine the size of the sleeve, and if not, how do I know what size to order?”

No, the guard does not determine the sleeve size. The sleeves come in 3 different sizes and are determined by the thickness of the calf. On the Sizes page, there is a chart to help you determine the size that should best fit your calf. However, this is only a rough estimate. If you are thicker in the calf than the average player of your age, you may need to buy the next larger size up.

”Do I need the Cobra Sleeves or can any sleeve work?”

Yes, Cobra sleeves are specifically designed to hold our guards in place and insure success in the molding process.

”What makes the Cobra Shinguards so much better than any other guards?”

There are many reasons why Cobra Shinguards are better:

  1. These are the only guard that comes with a 1-year warranty against breaking.
  2. The padding is made of medical, anti-bacterial, closed-cell foam that will not absorb moisture or odor.
  3. These guards can be remolded multiple times.
  4. These guards mold to every contour of your legs making them an individual fit and are extremely comfortable to wear.
  5. These guards are  made to work without the use of tape or straps, which can hinder blood flow through the legs.
  6. We have developed and patented a special sleeve to help mold the guards to the exact shape of your legs , and to hold them firmly in place.

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